Chinese Car App “Didi” Updates the Safety Measures After the Murder Incident

Chinese Car App “Didi” Updates the Safety Measures After the Murder Incident

The leading car-hailing firm “Didi” in China is updating its services after the murder of one of its users recently. The online car app service is currently suspending its carpooling services at night. At the same time, Didi is also considering going for an audio recording of all the respective journeys.

The given proposals had been made after 10 days of the incident wherein a 21-year-old air stewardess had been murdered after she had booked a ride with the Hitch app of Didi Chuxing in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou.

The government had held the cab-hailing firm in China as responsible for putting profits before the safety of the passengers. There was a notice that was posted on the Mandarin-language portal of the Ministry of Transport in China. This notice stated that some of the ride-hailing organizations in the country have not yet assumed the importance of abiding by the social responsibilities. Instead, these companies have indulged in violating the interests of the passengers and the drivers.

Such companies only make use of the online vehicles as a mere tool towards increasing the overall valuation. They do not consider the feelings of the passengers & drivers to the heart. They are only interested in looking forward to the interests of the investors. Didi Chuxing in China claims itself to be the largest ride-hailing service provider in the world, with over 450 million users & around 21 million drivers throughout. The given cab-hailing service is known to be offering around 13 distinct services. Hitch –the carpooling alternative of the cab-hailing service is aimed at pairing riders who are traveling in the same direction.

The firm is currently considering recoding audio during rides and possible filming each ride for enhanced security measures.

Qunzhe Lin

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