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Withings Releases Touchless Temporal Smartphone Connected Thermometer

Withings has announced a new touchless temporal thermometer that also connects to smartphones to keep track of the temperature trends. The user of the Withings Thermo simply holds down its sole button and scans the thermometer across a person’s forehead around the temporal artery. As that is done, an array of sensors on the tip of the device takes hundreds of measurements, identifying the hottest temperature during the scan.

The results are displayed on the nifty white light-up screen, which also acts as a touchpad which you can use to change which family member is being measured so the app tracks things properly.

There’s also a mode to take measurements on yourself, during which vibrations are felt when a reading is complete.

The device actually connects directly to the Internet via WiFi, but can sync directly to smartphones via Bluetooth as well.

It is FDA cleared and available either at Apple stores or at

Here’s a Withings promo video introducing the Thermo:


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