Recently, headlines in newspapers are frequently mentioning the development of 5G. 5G is the fifth generation wireless technology being deployed started in 2019. Now every country is putting trying to explore in the field of 5G to enhance the speed of the internet.

Advantages of the use of 5G are countless. With 5G, people do not have to pay a lot for WIFI. Not only can people enjoy the fast speed of downloading videos online, but also taste the sweetness of not having to save money for their internet because of its low cost. We are also able to store much more bites in our cell phones and computers, and faster data transmission is available. What’s more, saving battery life is not a dream anymore. Though some of the phones have battery-saving mode, most of the people always complain that when they use their phone, their battery is always decreasing dramatically, and they have to charge their phone all the time. However, with 5G, people do not have to charge the phone so frequently, because the use of the battery is not that much reduced. More importantly, 5G allows 6th sense technology to exist in people’s lives. We all imagine that one day, we will be able to mimic the lives we dream of. 6th sense technology will help us achieve our goal. 6th sense technology is a wearable computing technology that we believe could act in addition to the traditional five senses.

There is a ted talk speech made by Pranav Mistry who is an engineer scientist. He made a speech about 6th sense technology which really impressed me. By just adding the coloured cover over his fingertips, he could actually get all the information he needed without taking out a phone and searching it. For example, he could take pictures by just doing the gesture of taking a picture with a camera. He could know what a person’s job is by just looking at him/her, and the job would appear in front of him. This great technology was triggered by his imagination, innovation, and dedication.

Innovation is essential in today’s society. With everything being almost completed, we need to dig into new fields to enhance our living and make out lives better.

Yuntong Zhang

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