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Swap Those Plastic Buttons for $385 Cufflinks Made From a Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti did not design the Veyron to serve any practical purpose. It designed the car to stack up superlatives like a pre-schooler piles blocks: heedlessly. The Veyron was the fastest, most powerful, fanciest, and most completely unnecessary car on the planet for the entirely of its 10-year run. Bugatti made just 450 of them, sold them all for an average of $2.6 million apiece, and reportedly lost money doing it.

You almost certainly won’t ever know the God-like power of driving a Veyron, let alone that of its even more gobsmacking successor, the Chiron. But TMB Art Metal will sell you a bit of Veyron, fashioned into a pair of cufflinks. The British firm makes these snazzy accessories from the front wheel of a Veyron damaged in a crash. (Don’t judge; 1,200 horsepower is difficult to control.) Just $385!

The cufflinks won’t carry you to 200 mph in under 25 seconds, but given that they cost roughly 385,000 times more than a perfectly serviceable pair of plastic buttons, they’re every bit as impractical and excessive as the car that can.


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