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USDOT reports to US Congress on DSRC for connected vehicles

The US Department of Transportation (USDOT) has released its report to the United States Congress assessing the status of dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) for connected vehicle technologies. The findings are that they are ready for deployment.

DSRC is a Wi-Fi derivative developed to meet the specialized needs for secure and low-latency wireless connections in data communications. It is poised to be the standard for communicating between operating vehicles (moving or not), infrastructure, and mobile devices.
The USDOT has been assessing the feasibility of the 5.9 Gigahertz broadcast frequency for short-range communications between vehicles and infrastructure. After considering safety from interruption probabilities and the likelihood that the communications range would or would not be impeded by other signals, the DOT has found that the 5.9 GHz frequency is ready for deployment as the preferred license choice for these connected vehicle technologies. The USDOT also found that the tech and applications being pursued currently could offer safer and more efficient transportation.

The USDOT’s report, The Status of the Dedicated Short-Range Communications Technology and Applications, also considered known gaps as well as potential issues with DSRC technology and some of its applications. The report describes a recommended implementation path using real-world traffic and roadway examples. This path begins with safety for crash avoidance alerts and warnings and moves through to fully automated driving technologies.


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