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Penumbra’s ACE68 Reperfusion Catheter for Removing Large Intracranial Clots

Penumbra, a big name in ischemic stroke clot removal, is announcing the release of its new ACE68 Reperfusion Catheter. The company calls it its most advanced thrombectomy device, offering advanced tracking capabilities, flexibility to move through challenging vasculature, and a large lumen to grab as much of the clot as possible.

The device is used along with the Penumbra System that provides the sucking power to pull on the occlusion creating the stroke. Thanks to the large lumen, the ACE68 Reperfusion Catheter can take advantage of the full available power of the Penumbra Pump MAX and so consume some of the largest thrombi.

From Penumbra:

The ACE68 Reperfusion Catheter was engineered on a new, innovative tracking platform from hub to tip. Featuring a unique coil winding geometry along 16 transitions to create the optimal tracking profile, ACE68 is designed to ensure easy tracking through tortuosity that is typical in acute ischemic stroke patients. ACE68 is powered to extract clot en masse quickly and effectively as part of the fully integrated Penumbra System.

“With the ACE68 Reperfusion Catheter, I can easily deliver full aspiration power to the occlusion,” said Johanna Fifi, M.D., assistant professor of neurology, neurosurgery and radiology at The Mount Sinai Hospital and director of the Endovascular Stroke Program at theMount Sinai Health System in New York. “The ACE68’s large lumen increases the likelihood of capturing the clot fully within the catheter or the canister, potentially reducing the number of passes to achieve complete revascularization and minimize ENT (embolization to new territory).”


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