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Acclarent’s RELIEVA SCOUT Sinus Dilator Now Available in U.S.

Acclarent, a J&J firm, is releasing in the U.S. its RELIEVA SCOUT multi-sinus dilation system, a balloon sinuplasty device for widening the sinus openings in people with chronic sinusitis.

The device uses a flexible balloon that reaches a bit further out from the tip to be able to get deeper into the anatomy.

From Acclarent:

RELIEVA SCOUT® Sinus Dilation System was specifically designed for use in revision and complex frontal sinus cases, offering multiple points of localization including optical navigation compatibility.

Tested with the Brainlab Kolibri® system using ‘pivot’ method calibration. Acclarent has not performed compatibility testing with other image guidance systems.

Seeker-like distal tip leverages traditional technique and skills

Ball tip enables palpation

Low-profile tip helps maintain visualization of surrounding anatomy

Flexible wire transilluminates for additional access and position confirmation

Compatible with optical navigation systems


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