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Medtronic’s New Guardian Connect Smartphone Powered Glucometer

Medtronic won EU approval to introduce its Guardian Connect continuous glucose monitoring system for diabetics taking injected insulin. The wearable stick-on glucometer wirelessly connects to the Guardian Connect app via a Bluetooth, updating the iPhone with the latest readings on a regular basis. It takes readings every five minutes, which equates with 288 samplings every day.

Sugar levels that fall outside preset boundaries raise an alarm through the phone app, and it can also send SMS messages to loved ones and caretakers when that happens as well.

The app can upload a complete chart of the glucose levels automatically every day to the CareLink therapy management software for clinicians to review and to be able to quickly bring up during office hours.

Medtronic promises an Android version of the app to be available soon, but diabetics in the United States will have to wait longer for the Guardian Connect, since an FDA clearance has yet to be provided.


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