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Live Out All Your Racing Dreams With … Magnets?

In many ways, adulthood is a litany of dreams deferred, elaborate goals of things like eating ice cream for dinner dashed. But every once in awhile something awakens childhood dreams of, say, being a race car driver. Something like this build-your-own racetrack kit.

OK, they’re magnets. But the guys at Blipshift—known for their fun auto-inspired T-shirts—let you zoom around the track of your dreams while waiting for the coffee to brew or your kids’ waffles to heat up.

“Formula Fridge” features a mélange of enough curves and straights to build a sweet track like Monza but probably not the Nürburgring. (Now if you bought a few sets…) The idea came to a Blipshift member as he fooled around one of those magnetic poetry sets that were popular a few years ago, says Joe Oh, a company founder. “He was thinking this could be way more fun,” Oh says.

Indeed. Stick these to your fridge and indulge your inner Kimi Raikkonen. Then have ice cream for dinner.


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